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Health Department

Public Health Emergency Preparedness

Are you Ready?

Tornados, fires, floods, thunderstorms, extreme heat, and earthquakes are natural disasters that Tennesseans face. Terrorism, international and domestic, is something that all Americans deal with. Would you know what to do if you were told to "shelter in place"? Do you have a plan to meet up with loved ones if phones are out and you can't get home? What if everyone is forced to evacuate? Have you thought about how these things could affect you or your family? Having a plan, having a kit, and knowing the types of emergencies that could affect you, will not only empower you to act, but will also make the city of Nashville/Davidson county more resilient in preparing for, responding to, and recovering from natural or man-made emergencies.

Please visit for more preparedness information.

Developing an Emergency "Plan and Kit"

Since disasters are unexpected, it is essential that you plan now. Once you have a plan, your family will have a well thought out mode of action. It is imperative that everyone in the family knows the plan. In order for your family to become familiar with the plan, it is suggested that you practice periodically. Our current website offers a presentation on creating a family plan, as well as a week by week plan for collecting and maintaining supplies.

Developing a Family Disaster Plan

Weekly Disaster Plan: A week-by-week plan for collecting and maintaining supplies.

Cities Readiness Initiative

Businesses: Partner with Public Health

In the event that the Nashville/Davidson County metropolitan area is the target of a bio-terrorism attack, the Metro Public Health Department is prepared to act quickly and decisively to distribute needed medications to every person in the county. It is a difficult task, but one that we can achieve with the help of many people. For more information on how your business can partner with Public Health, visit the Cities Readiness Initiative webpage.

Volunteering! Nashville Medical Reserve Corps.

Have you ever wondered what you could do to help your community? Have you ever thought about volunteering? The city of Nashville needs you to help it become more prepared and more resilient! Planning and preparing for Public Health initiatives and Public Health emergencies is an ongoing and continuous effort. Medical and non-medical professionals are needed to help train, to educate, to mentor, and to respond to Public Health efforts and emergencies. Would you like to participate and assist in Public Health initiatives, (fairs, trainings, etc.)? Would you like to learn how to operate as a POD (Point of Dispensing) worker, or learn to work at a Disaster shelter? Then join the Tennessee Medical Reserve Corps today!

Contact Information

James E. Tabor, Jr., MSM, CHEP
Emergency Response Coordinator
Metro Nashville/Davidson County
Office: 615-340-0405

Todd Baker
Volunteer Coordinator/Educator
Office: 615-340-0535

Madelynn R. McCormick, MPH
Regional Hospital Coordinator
Office: 615-340-8529

Sarakay Johnson, MPH, CHEP
Cities Readiness Initiative Coordinator (CRI)
Office: 615-340-5339

Josh Love, MPH
PHEP Epidemiologist
Office: 615-340-8981