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Public Health Emergency Preparedness

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Dear Davidson County Business Leader:

In the event that the Nashville/Davidson County metropolitan area is the target of a bio-terrorism attack, the Metro Public Health Department is prepared to act quickly and decisively to distribute needed medications to every person in the county. It is a difficult task, but one that we can achieve with the help of many people.

The Metro Public Health Department seeks to identify and enroll businesses that want to take the lead in protecting their most important assets, their employees. You can play a role in this important lifesaving effort by joining the Cities Readiness Initiative and agreeing to be a dispenser in your workplace for your employees and their dependents. In doing so, you can help speed the delivery of crucial medications.

Within hours, medications would be delivered to the Lentz Public Health Center where your designated employee would pick up the medications, or delivered directly to your workplace. Your responsibility in the event of a biological attack would be to distribute them to your employees and their families using the plan and dispensing model that your company develops with the assistance of the Cities Readiness Initiative. By partnering with MPHD in this effort, your company could provide medications to your employees rapidly and efficiently without cost to you or your employees. You would also assist your community by decreasing the number of people who would need to go to busy public clinics set up to dispense these medications.

Please consider joining other leading businesses in Davidson County as we provide this lifesaving service to you at no cost.

Sarakay Johnson, MPH, CHEP
Cities Readiness Initiative Coordinator
Public Health Emergency Preparedness
Metro Public Health Department
Office: 615-340-5339