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Health Department

Draft Title V Permits Under Review

Application for a Part 70 Operating Permit has been filed with the Metropolitan Health Department, Pollution Control Division, for the following facilities:

There are currently no Part 70 operating permit applications under public review.

These applications are subject to the provisions of Section 13-5(h) of Regulation No. 13, “Part 70 Operating Permit Program” which require public notification and a 30 day public comment period prior to the issuance of new Part 70 Operating Permit, a significant modification, or a permit renewal. Copies of the applications are on file for public review at the Metropolitan Health Department, Pollution Control Division, 2500 Charlotte Ave, Nashville, Tennessee  37209. For addition information contact John Finke, Pollution Control Division. All public comments must be received in the Pollution Control Division between the dates outlined above. A public hearing will be held prior to the issuance of the above Part 70 Operating Permits, if such a hearing is requested in writing during the public comment period. Any such hearings will be held in accordance with the requirements of Section 13-5(h)(1) of Regulation No. 13. EPA has agreed to perform its 45-day review concurrently with the public notice period. Although EPA’s 45 day review period will be performed concurrently with the public comment period, the deadline for submitting a citizen petition to object to the EPA Administrator will be determined as if EPA’s 45-day review period is performed after the public comment period has ended. The status regarding EPA’s 45-day review of this project and the deadline for submitting a citizen petition can be found at the following website address: If comments are received during the 30-day public comment period, EPA’s 45-day review period will restart once all comments have been addressed.

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