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Health Department

Public Notices

There are currently no Part 70 operating permit applications under public review.

These applications are subject to the provisions of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, Chapter 10.56, “Air Pollution Control,” Section 10.56.020, “Construction Permits,” Paragraph N and/or Section 10.56.040, “Operating Permits” which require public notification and a 30 day public comment period.  A copy of these applications are on file for public review in the Metro Public Health Department, Pollution Control Division’s Office, 311 23rd Avenue, North, Room 208. All comments must be received in the Pollution Control Division Office between the dates outlined above. If the facility is identified as a new major stationary source or a major modification, a public hearing may be requested, in writing, during the public comment period. Requests for ADA accommodation should be directed to Mr. John Dunn at (615) 340-2219.

Please send an email to request additional information.