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The Metro Public Health Department's Food Division provides protection from the threat of foodborne illnesses by conducting inspections among Davidson County's food service establishments (restaurants, snack bars, and school cafeterias) and retail food stores (groceries). During the year over 13,500 inspections are conducted by the Health Department’s eleven Food Protection staff.

The program conducts unannounced food inspections, at least twice each year, among more than 4,700 food establishments in the county. The program uses a FDA-approved standardized 44-item food service establishment inspection process, with emphasis on the five risk factors that could cause a foodborne illness. These risk factors are foods produced from an unapproved source, improper hot/cold holding and cooling of Time/Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) foods (formerly referred as potentially hazardous foods), improper cooking of TCS foods, cross-contamination and improper cleaning/sanitizing of utensils and equipment, and poor employee health hygiene.

Inspection scores are based on a 0-100 point scale where non-critical violations constitute 1-2 points and critical are 4-5 points. Critical violations must be corrected immediately or within 10 days of the inspection. Administrative actions are required if establishments fail to correct critical violations within the prescribed time or have repeat critical violations identified on three consecutive routine inspections.

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Please note that beginning July 1, 2015 the State of Tennessee began enforcing new regulations with the recent adoption of the 2009 FDA Food Code.

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Weekly food inspection scores. Each Wednesday the Metro Public Health Department web site lists restaurants with the previous week’s three lowest scores and the three highest scores 85 points and above.

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