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How Many Bedrooms?

For many years, the Metro Public Health Department has been assessing property to determine the feasibility of utilizing private on-site sewage disposal systems (septic systems). This assessment usually included some type of soil analysis.

Once an assessment was complete, the Department would then issue an approval in the form of a design recommendation. In other words, our approval was relayed to the property owner by way of a specification page and/or a drawing that indicated the type and size of septic system needed to properly serve the proposed activities on the parcel. The type and size of system is dependent on projected water usage. Although the method is not perfect, the best indicator of water-use for a typical single family dwelling is the number of bedrooms contained in the residence. Therefore, typical Department approvals are conditional with a maximum number of bedrooms allowed.

In order to obtain information regarding the number of bedrooms for which a property is approved, please print, complete, and submit the Application for Information. The Environmental Engineering Services Program of the Metro Public Health Department will search our files for the requested information, complete the bottom portion of the form, and return it to the requester. There is no fee for this service.

Please note that this application is only applicable for newly constructed residences. If you wish to obtain information regarding an existing residence with an existing septic system, please refer to Septic System Assessments.