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Temporary Vehicle Emissions Test Exemption

This page gives instructions to apply for a temporary vehicle emissions test exemption for vehicles registered in Davidson County, TN.

A vehicle owner or operator may request a Certificate of Exemption for a vehicle registered in Nashville/Davidson County, Tennessee but located in other counties, states or countries for a period longer than 90 days prior to its license renewal date. A Certificate of Exemption will be considered only if this vehicle is not within a reasonable driving distance (2-hour) of Davidson County or of an EPA-regulated vehicle emission testing site, and will not be in Davidson County during this 90 day period.

Only vehicles covered under the testing program are eligible for an exemption certificate. Vehicles heavier than the required weight limit or vehicles that are older than the required age limit are automatically exempt and would not be issued an exemption certificate.

Please note that vehicles can be tested and license plates and/or decals may be purchased up to 90 days before the expiration date.

To be considered for exemption, The Metro Public Health Department’s Vehicle Inspection Program (VIP) requires that you submit a completed Vehicle Inspection Exemption application and provide required documentation. Application forms can also be obtained by calling 615-340-5657.