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Health Department

Adolescent Healthy Futures Program

The Youth and Adolescent Health Program provide staff support and consultation to the Tennessee Adolescent Pregnancy and Prevention Program (TAPPP) Council. The TAPPP Council is working to reduce teen pregnancy through a large variety of community awareness and educational programs targeting high risk teens.

The message of the National Day is straightforward: Sex has consequences. The online quiz (available in English and Spanish) delivers this message directly to teens and challenges them to think carefully about what they might do "in the moment." Please check this website regularly for postings on the locations where teens can complete an online quiz. Or, if you are interested in partnering with the Youth and Adolescent Health Programs, please contact Jalyssa Lopez at 615-340-0536.

Why is the National Day Important?

Despite hitting the lowest level in 30 years, 31% of teenage girls get pregnant at least once before they reach age 20. Many teens say they are concerned about pregnancy, but still think "it can't happen to me." But it does - to 750,000 girls every year. And the number one reason teen guys and girls give for not using protection is that they weren't planning to have sex and that it "just happened." Our online quiz is designed to help teens come up with their own plans for avoiding pregnancy.

Who Should Take the National Day Quiz?

The quiz is appropriate for teens ages 13 and up. If you are interested in participating in the National Day Quiz, please email us. You can also check out the Stay Teen website at

For other helpful information to help reduce teen pregnancy, visit the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy website.

Parents are encouraged to join in!