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About the Maternal Interview

If you have experienced the loss of a child, the Fetal and Infant Mortality Review project staff offer our deepest sympathy. Whether your loss occurred during pregnancy or after birth, grief impacts all of us in different ways. Grief affects men and women differently. It is important to remember that your reactions are not right or wrong, good or bad; they are individual to you and a necessary part of healing.Maternal Interview The maternal interview is the heart of the FIMR Program and makes FIMR unique among other case review processes.

What to expect:  The interview allows for your voice to be heard and provides you with the opportunity to share your experiences before, during and after pregnancy. In short, the meeting is a time for you to share your story in your own words.

The interview is private, takes about 1 hour, and helps us to make Nashville a healthier place to have a baby in the future.  
The list below includes many of the topics that are discussed during the interview:  
  • your health prior to pregnancy
  • prenatal care
  • hospital care
  • follow up care
  • what kind of support you have received after your loss experience
  •  how you and your family are doing now
What happens after the Maternal Interview:  After the interview each mothers story  is de-identified, which means your name,  baby’s name, hospital and doctor’s name are removed. A summary of the interview is shared with the FIMR Review Team.

Each month a committed team of local experts review the maternal interview and additional information and look for ways to help our community understand pregnancy and infant loss.  The FIMR process allows for action project to be created to  improve birth outcomes and family services in Nashville/Davidson County

How to participate:  If you want to participate or have questions please contact Alison Butler at 615-340-8617 or

About Maternal Interviewer:
Meet Alison Butler
Alison Butler is a registered nurse with over 35 years of experience. She has extensive experience in working in grief support and has helped many families in the Nashville area.