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Mosquito Information

Our approach to mosquito control

The Metro Public Health Department’s Pest Management program follows the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) priorities to control mosquitoes in Davidson County. This includes education to reduce breeding areas, monitor standing water and applying larvicide when mosquito larvae are present, trapping and testing mosquitoes to identify potential disease.

To find out more about our program, or the latest about West Nile Virus or Zika visit, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or call us at 615-340-5660.

Reducing Mosquito Breeding Sites

During mosquito season, the MPHD wants homeowners to take effective steps to fight mosquito breeding sites around their property; to fight the problem – right at the source. Mosquito breeding begins in the tiniest of places, from a bottle top to an open garbage can lid; these places that can be the source of much frustration.

Reduce Mosquito Breeding Sites Video

Zika Virus - Plan of Action

Zika Information

West Nile Virus Information