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Health Department

Twenty for TENN

Good Health and Safety Principles for Learning In Tennessee Schools

  1. Eating five a day fruits and vegetables
  2. Daily physical activity
  3. Universal Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse prevention
  4. Regular hand washing practices
  5. Routine seat belt use
  6. Established emergency information and procedures
  7. Training in First Aid and CPR skills
  8. Universal Precautions with blood borne pathogens
  9. Established sleeping and eating routines
  10. Routine personal and environmental sanitation practices
  11. Training in pedestrian and vehicle/bicycle safety
  12. Respect and character building
  13. Building family life knowledge and understanding
  14. Building personal responsibility in relationships
  15. Drinking adequate amounts of water daily
  16. Adequate lighting for study and work
  17. Daily teeth brushing routine
  18. Established clean air environment practices
  19. Avoiding loud and prolong noise
  20. Daily personal hygiene practices

Tenn. Dept of Health