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Health Department

Guiding Principles

We believe that:

  1. Every child is entitled to educational opportunities that will allow him/her to reach full capacity as an individual and prepare him/her for responsibility as a citizen.
  2. Every child is entitled to a level of health that permits maximum utilization of educational opportunities.
  3. Parents have the basic responsibility for the health of their children; school nurses work in partnership with parents in providing health services to their children while in school.
  4. The school health program, through the components of health services, health education, and concern for the environment, provides knowledge and understanding on which to base decisions for the promotion and protection of individual, family, and community health.
  5. The appropriate roles of the school nurse in the school health program include manager of school health care; delivery of health services; advocate for the rights of children; counselor for health concerns of children, families, and staff; and educator for school/community regarding health concerns.

Goals of School Nurse Practice are to:

  • Reduce students’ health-related absenteeism
  • Eliminate or minimize health problems that impair learning.
  • Reduce or prevent health problems through education.
  • Educate the community as to the health concerns of school-aged children.
  • Help students to achieve the highest degree of independent functioning.
  • Assist with referrals and screenings.