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Health Department

When to Stay at Home

Dear Parent,

You should not send your child to school if she/he has any of the following:

  • Fever:  Temperature above 100° F (taken by mouth).

  • Diarrhea:  Any watery stools not contained in under clothes.

  • Vomiting:  Throwing up.

  • Rash:  Covering entire body.

When your child has these symptoms they must be kept at home a full 24 hours without symptoms before returning to school.

If your child has:

  • Strep Throat:
    Students must be on antibiotic therapy for at least 24 hours and not have a fever over 99.9 (under 100° F).
  • Communicable Disease:
    If your child has chickenpox, mumps, measles, rash all over their body, strep throat, or “pink eye,” they have to stay home until you have a note from a health care provider stating your child is not contagious and may return to school.

Signs your child may be getting sick include and may need to stay home include:
Being very tired, coughing, upset stomach, and crankiness.

Current Phone Numbers
If we think your child is getting sick at school, we will call you. If you cannot be reached, someone on your emergency list will be called. Please be sure that all phone numbers are current.