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Smoke Free Housing Information for Property Managers

two women walking and smilingMany Nashville landlords are discovering the benefits of adopting a smoke-free policy. These policies attract residents, reduce maintenance costs and the risk of fire, all while contributing to a healthy community. And, it's legal. Under the law, smokers are not a protected class. There is no right to smoke, and property managers may place restrictions on smoking just as many communities have rules for pets and noise ordinances.

Most importantly, a smoke-free policy allows your residents to breathe clean air, and it affords you the opportunity to provide a safe home residents can feel proud to share with friends, family and pets.

If you are interested in adopting a smoke-free policy, let us help. We not only want Nashville residents to breathe easy, but we want landlords and management to breathe easy as well. So, we have plenty of resources available for your convenience.

Let us know what we can do for you.

Property Manager/Owner Toolkit

Ready to Quit Smoking?

Call the Tennessee Tobacco Quitline and receive a FREE tobacco quit kit, work with a FREE quit coach, and learn to deal with your cravings and challenges.


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