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Health Department

Smoke-Free Housing Communities

If you’re interested in your smoke-free multi-unit housing property being on our list, please contact the Tobacco Prevention Program at 615-340-5334. Starting January 2018, only properties that have completed an agreement for the Breathe Easy Initiative will be listed.

Fallbrook Apartments
345 Dellway Villa Road
Nashville, TN 37207

Riverwood Towers
621 No. Dupont
Madison, TN 37115

Terra House
115 Middleton Street
Nashville, TN 37210

Trevecca Towers
60 Lester Avenue
Nashville, TN 37210

River House
4 Academy Place
Nashville, TN 37210

Ready to Quit Smoking?

Call the Tennessee Tobacco Quitline and receive a FREE tobacco quit kit, work with a FREE quit coach, and learn to deal with your cravings and challenges.


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