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Smoke Free Housing Information for Property Managers

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Each year, approximately 36,500 people move into Davidson County. Based on our surveys, only 19.3% of county residents are smokers. That means approximately 29,455 non-smokers will be looking for housing next year. Go smoke-free and help meet this demand.

Smoke free policies attract residents; reduce maintenance costs and the risk of fire, all while contributing to a healthy community. And, it's legal. Smokers are not a protected class, and property managers have a right to place restrictions on smoking similar to having rules for pets and noise ordinances.

A smoke-free policy allows your residents to breathe clean air and affords you the opportunity to provide a safe home resident can feel proud to share with friends, family and pets.

Are you ready to go smoke-free? contact us at 615-340-5334 or email

Property Manager/Owner Toolkit

Ready to Quit Smoking?

Call the Tennessee Tobacco Quitline and receive a free tobacco quit kit, work with a free quit coach, and learn to deal with your cravings and challenges.


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