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Historic Zoning Design Guideline Consolidation Project

The Historic Zoning Commission received funding in late 2018 from the Tennessee Historical Commission for a design guideline consolidation project. The project began in January 2019. The Commission reviewed a first draft in September 2019. Adoption was delayed to allow for public comment and commission discussion on specific sections of the document each month for several months. Adoption has further been delayed due to COVID 19 and it is the Commission's hope to pick the project up again once they are able to meet in person.

The goal of the Design Guidelines Consolidation Project is to consolidate all of the 23 neighborhood conservation design guidelines into one basic set of design guidelines, with individual chapters for each district. All of the neighborhood conservation design guidelines are already very similar but the consolidation will provide an opportunity to reorganize, address issues not contemplated at the time the guidelines were first written, an add clarifying language. The goal is to provide clarity to users of the document. Public comment is welcome at any time.


The process began with monthly meetings with stakeholders who provided regular information and updates to property owners in their districts. Council members appointed the stakeholders from each overlay that is located within their respective district. A series of community-wide meetings followed the stakeholder meetings.

Explanatory Videos (New)

  1. Overview of Project (5 min)
  2. Summary of how the project is organized and revisions to the Introduction and Principles (4 min)
  3. Summary of revisions to the Infill section (3.5 min)
  4. Summary of revisions to the Demolition and additions sections (3 min)
  5. Summary of revisions to the outbuilding section (3 min)
  6. Summary of revisions specific to individual districts (3 min)

Drafts of Design Guidelines

Draft of Part I with potential proposed revisions to September 2019 draft.

The above link is a potential revision of Part I of the September 2019 draft. Language that is proposed to be added to the September draft, is underlined and language that is proposed to be removed is stricken. Part III, the outbuilding form book, is no longer under consideration. Public comment will continue so additional revisions may be recommended in the draft that will be presented at the March 18, 2019 public hearing.

September 2019 drafts of combined design guidelines:

Section-by-Section Comparisons by District (September 2019 draft)


Stakeholder and community meetings were held throughout 2019. Staff is available to attend neighborhood meetings, as invited. We can provide a presentation or simply be on hand to answer questions. Request a staff member and/or send comments to or 3000 Granny White Pike, Nashville, TN 37204. Public comment is welcome via email ( or voice mail (629-255-1910). Live public comment will be possible once the project is scheduled again for a public hearing.

Stakeholder and Community Meeting Notes

Meeting presentations unavailable due to accessibility issues. Contact us at and we can email you a copy.



This project is funded under a grant contract with the State of Tennessee and funding from the Metro Historical Commission Foundation and with assistance of the Center for Historic Preservation at Middle Tennessee State University.