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Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission Meetings

This information pertains specifically to giving public comment to the Historic Zoning Commission. For general information on remote participation, such as terms and conditions, visit Metro's Remote Participation Page. For information on Metro Historic Zoning Commission's public hearings visit MHZC's Covid Policy page. The Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission (MHZC) meets at 2:00 p.m. the third Wednesday of each month at the Sonny West Conference Center in the Howard Office Building of the Fulton Campus (700 2nd Avenue South, 37210). Complete Preservation Permit applications need to be submitted to our staff by the deadline for the next regularly scheduled hearing. Incomplete applications will be deferred each month until complete documentation is received. Meetings are open to the public. Subscribe to Meeting Announcements.

How Does the Meeting Work?

The Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission meeting is open to the public. Please turn off all cell-phones. Each case follows this format:

  • Staff will make a presentation about each project up for consideration and provide an analysis on how it does or does not meet the design guidelines.
  • The applicant will have the opportunity to present and answer questions of the Commission.
  • The public will have two minutes each to comment on the application. Please state your name and address for the record before making your comments. Please be sure to direct all comments to the microphone so that they are a part of the official record. (Comments may also be sent in advance to the project lead via email, fax, or mail. Please see agenda for contact information.)
  • The applicant has the option of responding to public comments, once all have been made.
  • After all public comments, the Chair will close the “public hearing” which means there is no more opportunity for public or applicant comments, unless the Commission invites either back.
  • The Commission will make a decision which could be to approve, disapprove, or approve with conditions. The applicant may also request that a decision be postponed.
  • Appeals to decisions of the Historic Zoning Commission can be taken to a court of competent jurisdiction as provided for by law.
  • If the project is approved or approved with conditions, the applicant will receive a permit in the mail, or it may be picked up at the office. The red permit placard must be posted so it can be clearly viewed from the main public right-of-way.
  • A building permit may be necessary for the proposed project. Preservation Permits are not a substitute for a building permit. Contact Metro Department of Codes Administration, Howard School Building, 700 2nd Avenue South. 615-862-6500 phone, 615-862-6514 fax.
  • Projects that are disapproved will receive written notice of the Commission’s decision. These projects may be revised and resubmitted for review. The exact same project may not be resubmitted for review.

Hints for Preparing for the Meeting


  • Copies of the staff recommendations are available online prior to the meeting.
  • If you are not the applicant, but would like to speak about a project, be sure to have your comments well organized so that you can share all your thoughts within the two minute time limit. Comments may also be sent in advance to the project lead via email, fax, or mail. Please see agenda for contact information.
  • If multiple people wish to speak on the same topic, consider selecting a spokesperson to speak for all of you.


  • Copies of the staff recommendations are available online prior to the meeting. Review it and contact your project lead with any questions you may have.
  • Organize your notes well so that you are sure to cover every important aspect of your project during the presentation.
  • Keep in mind that staff will present an overview of the project, prior to your presentation. You do not need to repeat what has already been said.
  • If you plan to make an electronic presentation, please send to the project lead listed on the agenda, in advance.