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Potential Overlays

Waverly-Belmont property owners are considering a new neighborhood conservation zoning overlay in the 12South neighborhood. The potential boundaries have not been decided. A Waverly-Belmont public informational meeting were held on July 22, 6:30 pm and August 25. A third meeting has been scheduled for August 31, 6:30 pm at the Sevier Park Community Center.

Jackson Park and Inglewood property owners are considering new neighborhood conservation zoning overlays. The potential boundaries may follow the National Register of Historic District Boundaries. (NR nomination in process.) A public informational meeting about the overlay will be held on September 9, 6:30 pm at the Litton Alumni Center on Gallatin Road.

Opportunity for Contractors

Contractor's Authorization Training for Work in Historic Overlays. Contractors can save time and money by attending the Contractor’s Authorization Training for Work in Historic Overlays on September 25 at the Development Services conference room in the Metro Office Building at 800 Second Avenue South, 7:00 am -08:30 am.

The MHZC has enacted a policy that will require that a contractor have a consultation meeting with MHZC staff before a preservation and building permit may be issued. To prevent holding-up the issuance of permits, the MHZC is offering a 1.5 hour class, specifically for contractors. Attendance will authorize the contractor to receive permits immediately when they are available without the required consultation meeting. The purpose of the class and the consultations is to avoid simple yet costly and time-consuming violations and guide applicants through the process.

Breakfast will be provided. There is no fee to attend but you must register by September 18.