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What's New at the Historic Zoning Commission

Potential Historic Preservation Zoning Overlay for Marathon Village

Review draft design guidelines for the potential Marathon Village historic preservation zoning overlay.

Potential Revision to the Edgehill Design Guidelines planned

The Edgehill neighborhood is considering changes to the existing design guidelines. Review the Edgehill Design Guidelines summary or the full set of revised Edgehill design guidelines. The boundaries are not changing.

Revised Guidelines in the Downtown Core Districts

Three historic districts located in the Downtown Core (DTC), Broadway, Second Avenue and Downtown Historic Preservation Zoning Overlays, are considering a revision to their design guidelines. Review drafts here. Initial changes to the working drafts showed new text underlined and text proposed to be removed stricken. Changes were made after 3 community meetings and a 4th is to be announced. Comments continue to be accepted by contacting or 615-862-7970.

Opportunity for Realtors

The Historic Preservation 101 for Nashville Realtors and Developers on 12/2/2017 was a great success. Look for another class soon.