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Take Part in Planning Nashville's Comprehensive Plan

Assure that preservation is a key component of Metro Nashville's comprehensive, countywide plan. Join the Tennessee Preservation Trust, Historic Nashville, Inc, and the Metro Historical Commission for a NashvilleNext "Meeting to Go" on August 18, 5:30 p.m., Sonny West Conference Center, 700 Second Avenue North.

A Meeting to Go is a focused, small-group discussion of NashvilleNext issues, organized and led by community volunteers, like us. Preservation is economically, environmentally and socially/culturally sustainable. Let's let make sure that it is a strong part of planning our future.

Potential Overlays

Broadway property owners are considering an expansion of the Broadway Historic Preservation Zoning Overlay. Notice with map of Broadway Property.

Note: An architectural resource survey is essential to determine whether or not a neighborhood meets the qualifications for the overlay. The survey includes documenting the OUTSIDE of the buildings with digital photographs and completing a simple form about the building's architectural features and materials. Please do not hesitate to ask for identification or volunteer documentation. If you have information about the history of your home or changes to your property , please feel free to share with the surveyor or staff of the MHZC.