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Metropolitan Historical Commission Newsletter

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2021 Newsletters

  • March 2021: MHC/MHZC Updates; Preservation Awards 2021; Second Avenue Recovery; Sunnyside Renovations; Nashville Sites; New TSLA Opening; Nashville Historical Newspaper; NCAAHC Video
  • February 2021: MHC/MHZC Updates; 40th Annual Nashville Conference on African American History and Culture; Second Avenue Recovery Updates; Nashville Sites Updates; Preservation Awards 2021
  • January 2021: 40th Annual Nashville Conference on African American History and Culture; Christmas Day Bombing on 2nd Ave.; New Nashville Sites Fisk/Meharry Tour; Remembering George Cate, Jr. and Kwame Lillard

2020 Newsletters

  • December 2020: MHC/MHZC Updates; Nashville Sites Update; HNI's Nashville Nine 2020; Nashville's Black Country Music Association; Nashville Retrospect Goes Digital; NPS Civil Rights Grants; Holidays at Buchanan Log House
  • November 2020: New MHC Commissioners; Native American Heritage Month; Nashville Environmental Justice Initiative; Engine Co. 14 Updates; THS Appoints New Executive Director; Historical Marker Updates
  • October 2020: Fort Negley Archaeology Update; Federal Reserve Building Addition Approved; Proposed Renamings in Honor of Civil Rights Leaders; New Book Spotlights State Capitol; Nashville Retrospect History Map
  • September 2020: Haynes Heights Considers NCZO; Nashville Nine Nominations; NTHP Grants Now Open; Meet the MHC Intern; Virtual Old House Fair; Historical Marker Updates; Archaeology Days at Travellers Rest
  • August 2020: MHZC Commissioner Updates; MHC Statement on Forrest Bust; Nashville Sites Update; Hermitage Hotel Designated National Historic Landmark; Nashville's Rural Cemeteries; Buchanan Log House Update
  • July 2020: MHC/MHZC Commissioner Updates; Remembering MHC Commissioner "Bellevue" Bob Allen and Dr. Reavis L. Mitchell, Jr.; State Curator and Author Jim Hoobler; Historical Marker Updates
  • June 2020: MHC/MHZC Updates; New Nashville Sites Interns; Federal Preservation Grants Announcement; Upcoming Historical Marker Dedication; Updates from Fort Negley and Two Rivers Mansion; Battle of Nashville Trust
  • May 2020: MHC/MHZC Updates; What We Do; Virtual Preservation Month; Nashville Sites Offers New Virtual Tour Option; State Historian Appointed to National Committee; (Virtual) Events This Month
  • April 2020: Preservation Awards postponed; Historical Markers; Downtown Nashville's Alternative Service Offerings; Nashville History and Historic Places: Quarantine Edition; AASLH Introduces Affinity Community Forum
  • March 2020: 45th Annual Preservation Awards; Tennessee's Plan for Historic Preservation 2019-2029; History of Bellevue Christian Church; Women's Suffrage Centennial Events 2020; Nashville History Videos
  • February 2020: 39th Annual Nashville Conference on African American History and Culture; 45th Annual Preservation Awards; Jefferson Street Sound Museum; Nashville Black History Tours
  • January 2020: Nashville Sites Sponsors; 39th Annual Nashville Conference on African American History and Culture; New National Register Listing; Protecting Nashville's Historic Cemeteries; Upcoming Marker Dedications

2019 Newsletters

  • December 2019: East Nashville License Plates; Women's Suffrage Documentary; Jefferson Street Micro Museum; New "Nashville Slave and Free People of Color Database"; New Music Row Signage; Federal Preservation Grants
  • November 2019: Nashville Sites Official Launch; Inside Look at Drake Graveyard; Upcoming Historical Marker Dedications; Upcoming Events at Fort Negley; MTSU Student-Led Walking Tours
  • October 2019: Historic Preservation 101 for Realtors & Developers; 2019 Living History Tour at City Cemetery; New Bellevue Historical Articles; 23rd Annual Belmont-Hillsboro Home Tour; Spooky Tours at Nashville's Historic Sites
  • September 2019: New MHC Commissioners; We Remember Nashville ceremony; Archaeology Day; Aaittafama Archaeological Park; Vanderbilt Call for Proposal; Belmont Mansion fall lecture series; New AASLH Handbook
  • August 2019: MHZC Community Meeting; Economic Impact Study Video; TN Historical Commission Grants; 130th Anniversary of 8th Avenue Reservoir and George Reyer Pumping Station; Upcoming Events at Fort Negley
  • July 2019: MHC Welcomes New Commissioner Davis Acker; MHZC Community Meetings Regarding Outbuilding Design Guidelines; New MHC Intern Marley Abbott; Upcoming Historical Marker Dedications
  • June 2019: Economic Impact Study; Fort Negley recognized as UNESCO Site of Memory; Music Row named to NTHP 11 Most Endangered; Remembering May Dean Eberling; Upcoming Historical Marker Dedications
  • May 2019: Preservation Awards; Historical Marker Dedications; Metro Arts Grants; Journey to Jubilee Tour at Belle Meade Plantation; Centennial Park Conservancy Art Show Fundraiser; Nashville 101 Videos
  • April 2019: Nashville 101 and 102 Lecture Series; What's Out There Weekend; Grassmere Historic Farm TAM Award; Upcoming Historical Marker Dedications; Stones River Battlefield Acquisition; Events at Fort Negley
  • March 2019: Preservation Awards Call for Nominations; Gower Cemetery Restoration Project; Tennessee Historical Commission Preservation Plan Survey; 2019 Old House Fair; Upcoming Historical Marker Dedications
  • February 2019: Preservation Awards Call for Nominations; Nashville Conference on African American History and Culture; Nashville 101 Lecture Series; African American History Month Programs and Events; 2019 Old House Fair
  • January 2019: Economic Impact Study; Fort Negley Archaeology update; 44th Annual Preservation Awards; 1823 Nashville Toll Bridge Site; Historical Marker Dedications; Conference on African-American History and Culture

2018 Newsletters

  • December 2018: New MHC Commissioner; Fort Negley Crowdrise Campaign; Interior Historic Landmark Ordinance; Upcoming Marker Dedications; 2019 African-American History and Culture Conference; Grant Opportunities
  • November 2018: NCCA Living History Tour video; Fort Negley Crowdrise campaign; HNI's Nashville Nine; Mr. Temple and the Tigerbelles documentary; Nashville Sites walking tours; Metro Archives Veteran's Day exhibit
  • October 2018: Metro Archives NEH grant; Nashville Schools and Desegregation; 19th Annual Living History Tour at Nashville City Cemetery; 39th Annual Oktoberfest; Artober Nashville 2018
  • September 2018: Nashville Sites; New Commissioners; Historic Nashville Inc. Nashville Nine nominations; "Voyage of Adventure" NPT documentary; New State Museum; Upcoming Events at Fort Negley
  • August 2018: Remembering Dutchman's Curve Train Wreck; Restoration of Stone Gates at Percy Warner Park; Former James Robertson Hotel Rehabilitation; New Tours at Belle Meade Plantation
  • July 2018: New MHC Commissioners; MHC Foundation's Back to Cuba Fundraiser; 2018 Memorial Day Dash; Bellevue History Group Launches New Website; 50th Anniversary of J. Percy Priest Dam; Old Hickory Centennial
  • June 2018: Preservation Awards Recap; Old Hickory Centennial; Statehood Day; Historic Resources along the Cumberland River; 50th Anniversary of the National Trails Act
  • May 2018: Preservation Awards; Two Rivers Archaeology Study; Fort Negley Cultural Landscape Report; State Museum Closing; Collins-Sirls Cemetery Restoration; Preservation Month; Old Hickory Centennial
  • April 2018: Preservation Awards; MHC Open House; Fort Negley Update; FY18 Appropriation Bill; Decorative Arts Symposium
  • March 2018: New MHC Commissioners; African-American History and Culture Conference; TSU Marker; Resilient Nashville; HNI 50th Anniversary; Preservation Awards
  • February 2018: Honoring Nashville's African-American History; African-American History and Culture Conference; MHC Foundation; Historic Nashville Inc. Annual Meeting
  • January 2018: African-American History and Culture Conference; Historic Tax Credit update; Fort Negley events; Historical Marker Project; Popular Historic Destinations in Nashville; Grant Opportunities

2017 Newsletters

  • December 2017: Historical Marker Project; Nashville City Cemetery book; Grant opportunities; Resilient Nashville
  • November 2017: New Commercial Grant Program; Staff Updates; Historic Tax Credits
  • October 2017: Staff Updates; Spooky Tours and Fall Events; 2017 Nashville Nine
  • September 2017: Staff Updates; Commissioner Changes; New Historic Landmark; September Lecture Series
  • August 2017: Staff Updates; Commissioner Changes; Fort Nashborough History Center Opens
  • July 2017: THC Certificate of Merit; Lectures and Lunches; Fort Negley Community Day
  • June 2017: MHZC Events: Neighborhood Meetings and Charrettes; Juneteenth Events; Tours of Two Rivers Mansion
  • May 2017: 2017 Preservation Awards; "Nashville History" Spring Lecture Series Continues; Memorial Day Dash
  • April 2017: "Nashville History" Spring Lecture Series; "Witness Walls" Public Dedication of Art
  • March 2017: Old House Fair, Call for Nominations: 2017 Preservation Awards; Spring Lectures
  • February 2017: Meet Our New Commissioner; Conference on African-American History and Culture; Old House Fair; Call for Nominations
  • January 2017: New Historic Landmarks; Conference on African-American History and Culture; Nashville Predators to host Music Row Preservation Night

2016 Newsletters

  • December 2016: National Register Update; Nashville Conference on African-American History and Culture
  • November 2016: Historic Preservation 101; Nashville Nine Announced; Lectures and Anniversary Events
  • October 2016: Living History at the Nashville City Cemetery; Nashville Nine; Preservation Easement Workshop
  • September 2016: National Register Update; New Historic Landmarks on the Way; Taste of Wedgewood-Houston
  • August 2016: Meet the Interns and New Commissioners; Endangered Sites Lists; Plan to Play
  • July 2016: National Register News; Meet the Interns; Many Master Plans; Endangered Sites Lists
  • June 2016: National Register News; Buchanan's Station; A New Vision for Music Row
  • May 2016: Preservation Awards; Memorial Day Dash
  • April 2016: Preservation Awards; A History of Music Row; National Register News
  • March 2016: Old House Fair; Preservation Awards; Lunch and Learn
  • February 2016: Mayor Barry Visits Sunnyside; African-American History and Culture Conference; Old House Fair
  • January 2016: African-American History and Culture Conference; Old House Fair

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