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Historical and Historic Zoning Commission Publications and Brochures

Our Newsletters

Historic Preservation Zoning News: The newsletter of the Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission is published occasionally by the Historic Zoning Commission, and contains items of relevance to property owners, architects, designers and contractors regarding historic zoning.

Metropolitan Historical Commission Newsletter: The newsletter of the Metropolitan Historical Commission is published monthly by the Historical Commission and contains information about local history and preservation.

Historic Preservation and Historic Zoning Brochures

Metropolitan Historical Commission brochure introduces the Historical and Historic Zoning Commissions, providing a quick overview of our mission and our work to preserve the past through the preservation and reuse of Nashville's historic buildings. Also available: black & white Historical Commission brochure.

Metropolitan Historic Zoning Commission brochure provides a brief introduction to Nashville's historic zoning overlays. These types of overlay zones are tools used to protect the architectural character of Nashville's historic neighborhoods by managing growth and change.

Preservation Incentives offers tips on locating financial and zoning incentives to support preservation of your historic property.

If you have questions about how to best maintain your family graveyard or would like to know more about the symbolism and monument forms found there, Caring for Davidson County’s Cemeteries contains our best tips and tricks for cemetery care and appreciation in one handy guide. Need more in-depth guidance? Visit the Davidson County Cemetery Survey and Nashville City Cemetery pages of our website for links to handy videos from the National Center for Preservation Technology and Training and other organizations.

Historic Districting and Property Values: When considering local historic zoning (districting) property owners want to know how the new district may affect their property values. Economic studies conducted across the country conclude that districting either has a neutral effect or increases property values. Review quotes from the conclusions of 14 studies. Each is provided with a link so that the full study may be reviewed.

Old House Series

This series of publications is designed to acquaint the owners of Nashville's historic houses with the basic considerations involved in rehabilitation of specific styles of Nashville's architecture. Brochures in this series include:

Also available in this series is a guide to researching your historic property:

Local Historic Structure Reports and Master Plans

Our Office

  • Sunnyside in Sevier Park From a country estate to an urban park, the history of Sunnyside reflects the history and growth of Nashville.

Local History

We offer many brochures and walking/driving tours of local history and architecture.

Nashville Reading Lists

Suggested reading from the Nashville 101, Nashville 102, and Know Nashville courses, prepared by Davidson County Historian, Dr. Carole Bucy.


  • Andrew Jackson Slept Here: A Guide to Historical Markers in Nashville and Davidson County (Out of Print) - Davidson County is home to some 275 historical markers, erected by both the Metropolitan Historical Commission and the Tennessee Historical Commission. This publication contains the text and location of every marker erected prior to 1993 and should be available at all Davidson County public libraries.
  • Nashville: A Short History and Selected Buildings (Out of Print) - The Metropolitan Historical Commission's first book contains an excellent introduction to Nashville's early history and some four hundred historic buildings, sites, and neighborhoods in Davidson County. The book should be available at all Davidson County public libraries.
  • Nashville Architecture: A Guide to the City by Carroll Van West - Sponsored by the Metropolitan Historical Commission and AIA Middle Tennessee, Nashville Architecture is the successor to the Historical Commission's 1974 book, Nashville: A Short History and Selected Buildings. From schools and churches to banks and post offices, from apartment and office buildings to plantations and cemeteries, author Carroll Van West surveys a wide variety of architectural sites that are found across Nashville and the greater Davidson County area. Purchases made at the MHC's Sunnyside office and online orders placed through the Metro Historical Commission Foundation help the Foundation's efforts to support the work of the Metropolitan Historical Commission.