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Civil War Markers - December 16, 1864

Confederate Position—December 16, 1864

Stewart's Corps, badly mauled during the first day, withdrew at night to a line extending eastward. Lee's Corps, form- ing the right wing, extended the line across the Franklin Pike. Cheatham's Corps, on Stewart's left, extended the line westward, and following the hills, curved south. Chalmers' Cavalry Division covered the left flank.

Location: 4700 block of Granny White Pike

Battle of Nashville—Stewart's Line

Loring's division of Stewart's Corps, Hood's Confederate Army of Tennessee, fought behind this stone wall December 16, 1864. All Federal attacks were beaten back until the Confederate line was broken a mile to the west. The division retreated south through the hills toward Brentwood.

Location: 4616 Lealand Lane

Smith’s Assault—December 16, 1864

The Federal XVI Corps attacked south­ward along this road. After violent ar­tiller bombardment, McArthur's Divi­sion took the hill to the west about 4:00 p.m., precipitating the route of Hood's Army. This hill is named for Col. W M. Shy, 20th Tenn. Inf., killed in the des­perate defense which he commanded.

Location: 4600 block of Granny White Pike

Battle of Nashville—Federal Main Line

On December 16, 1864, the Federal 16th Corps under General A. J. Smith joined the 23rd Corps under Gen. John M. Schofield at this point. From this line at about 4:00 p.m. the 1st Brigade of Gen. John McArthur's 1st Div. launched the assault that broke the Confederate line at the salient on Shy's Hill to the south which resulted in the route of Hood's Army.

Location: 4515 Shy's Hill Road

Battle of Nashville—Shy's Hill

On this hill was fought the decisive encounter of the Battle of Nashville December 16, 1864. At 4:15 p.m. a Federal assault at the angle on top of the hill broke the Confederate line. Col. W M. Shy, 20th Term. Inf., was killed and Gen. T B. Smith was captured. The Confederates retreated over the Overton Hills to the Franklin Pike.

Location: 4619 Benton Smith Road

Schofield’s Assault—December 16, 1864

The Federal XXIII Corps attacked southeastward from positions about ¾ mile west. Coordinating with the attack of Smith's XVI Corps, and assisted by pressure by Wilson's encircling cavalry from the south, its action brought about the final collapse of Hood's defenses.

Location: Granny White and Harding Place

Confederate Defenses—December 16, 1864

Lee’s Corps held the right flank of the line in the final stages of the battle, linking with Stewart to the west. Here it extended east, then south around Peach Orchard Hill. Violent attacks by Steedman’s brigades were repulsed bloodily; Lee did not withdraw until the left and center of the Confederate line had collapsed.

Location: 4400 block of Franklin Road

Battle of Nashville—Peach Orchard Hill

On December 16, 1864, Gen. S. D. Lee's Corps, Army of Tennessee, held this right flank of Hood's defense line which ran south along the crest of this ridge. Violent artillery fire and infantry attacks by the corps of Wood and Steedman failed to dislodge the defenders who withdrew only after the collapse of the Confederate left and center in late afternoon.

Location: Franklin Road and north side of ridge on Harding Place

Hood’s Retreat—December 16, 1864

In this neighborhood, late in the evening of his decisive defeat at Nashville, Hood reorganized his army for withdrawal southward. Lt. General Stephen D. Lee's Corps, supported by Chalmer's Cavalry Division, covered the withdrawal, fighting continuously until the army bivouacked near Spring Hill, 21 miles S., the night of December 17.

Location: Franklin Road and Lakemont Drive