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IncluCivics: Metro Nashville Public Schools - Full Metro Nashville Public Schools IncluCivics Report from March 2016

This study follows in the IncluCivics tradition of inclusion and transparency, analyzing one of the largest public institutions in Davidson County – Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). As one of the largest employers in Metro Nashville, with almost 11,000 employees, MNPS is a crucial part of the city’s workforce. Moreover, it is likely the sector that is the most sensitive to the rapid demographic shifts that have taken place in Nashville and the South over the past several decades. Indeed, it is in school hallways where the changes in the racial, ethnic, religious, and linguistic composition of the city are likely the most apparent.

The IncluCivics Report: Full IncluCivics Report and IncluCivics Data Update

In January 2015, the Metro Human Relations Commission (MHRC) released the IncluCivics Report, analyzing the demographic makeup of 50 Metro Nashville departments. The data in the original report was provided by Metro Human Resources (Metro HR) in August 2014. Since then, Metro HR has provided more recent data (captured April 1, 2015) and has announced that updated data will be released quarterly. The original IncluCivics Report, and a recent and more robust Data Update are available above.