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2017 Major Religious Holidays

The following are major days of religious worship in 2017 that would exclude significant portions of our religious communities from attending public events.  In order to be as respectfully inclusive as possible, please avoid scheduling meetings, fundraisers, celebrations, and public events on these dates.


  • Good Friday: April 14
  • Easter Sunday: April 16
  • Christmas Eve/Day: December 24-25


  • Passover: Sundown on April 10 (First Seder) through Sundown on April 11 (Second Seder)
  • Rosh Hashanah: Sundown on September 20 through sundown on September 22
  • Yom Kippu: Sundown on September 29 through sundown on September 30


  • Eid ul Fitr: June 25**
  • Eid ul Adha: Sept 1**

**The dates are subject to be off by a day based on the moon sighting. Eid ul Fitr may be celebrated for 3 days and Eid ul Adha may be celebrated for 4 days however the main rituals take place on the first day.

Notes Regarding This List

  • This list is not meant to be inclusive of all religious holidays; only major dates of religious celebration that preclude community participation are included.
  • Religious communities can recommend additions to this list.
  • For the Judaic religious tradition, holy days typically start at sundown on the dates listed and end at sundown or nightfall of the concluding date.