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Human Resources

2019 Annual Enrollment

Annual Enrollment is your once-a-year opportunity to make changes in your insurance plans or to enroll in new benefits, unless you have an eligible change in status during the year. If you want your 2019 benefits to remain the same as they currently are, you do not need to do anything - your elections will stay the same for 2019. However, if you are an active employee and you want to enroll or reenroll in an FSA you MUST complete an Election Form each year.

Please review the details below to determine what benefit plans are best for you and your family. We also encourage you to attend an Ask & Enroll meeting to speak one-on-one with Metro's insurance plan representatives.

You may enroll online using one of the Employee Self-Service links below and by following these simple How to Enroll Online instructions.

Summary of Benefits and Coverage

Want to Opt Out of Metro's Insurance Benefits?

If you want to opt out of Metro's insurance benefits, you must provide specific information and opt out during Annual Enrollment or within 60 days of an eligible change in status event. Please refer to the policies below and contact Human Resources for additional information.

Opt Out Policy for Active Employees and Disability Pensioners

Opt Out Policy for Service and Survivor Pensioners