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Employee Medical Benefits

Employees have two medical plan options - BCBS PPO or Cigna Choice Fund. Coverage levels are Employee Only, Employee and Family, or Employee and Child(ren). Metro pays 75% of the medical premium and employees pay 25%. You must notify Human Resources and provide documentation within 60 calendar days of an eligible change in status to make a change in your benefit elections. An eligible change in status includes marriage, divorce, birth, death, change in job status or loss of coverage for you or your dependents (contact Human Resources for a complete list). During each Annual Enrollment, you may change medical plans, add or drop eligible dependents.

Incentive Programs Offered

There are two different incentive programs offered to Metro employees, pensioners and their covered dependents which can be used in conjunction with Metro's insurance plan and may save you money out of your pocket. For information about these programs, including your cost share, contact each program directly. Those who have Medicare may not participate in this incentive program and have co-pays, deductibles or coinsurance waived.

Nashville General Hospital and Meharry Medical Group program - services include primary care, specialist, in-patient care, radiology (x-ray, mammograms, MRI), lab work, physical and occupational therapy. For more information, contact the Hospital at 615-341-4235.

Metro Nashville Public Schools Healthcare Centers located across Metro provide health and wellness services by a nurse practitioner. For more information, contact Metro Schools at 615-259-8755.