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Pension Application Process

Once you have made the decision that you are ready to retire, you will need to either request to apply for your service pension via our online Pension Self-Service or contact Pension Services directly at 615-862-6700, Option 2 at least two months prior to your anticipated retirement date. An appointment will be scheduled for you to attend a pension application meeting, and you will be required to bring the following applicable documents with you:

  • Your birth certificate (or driver's license with birth date listed)
  • Your social security card (or documentation from the Social Security Administration with your SSN listed, or your DD-214 military discharge papers)
  • Your Medicare card
  • Your marriage certificate
  • Your spouse's birth certificate (or driver's license with birth date listed)
  • Your spouse's social security card (or documentation from the Social Security Administration with his/her SSN listed, or his/her DD-214 military discharge papers)
  • Your spouse's Medicare card
  • Your divorce decree or your spouse's death certificate
  • If you are planning on naming a pension beneficiary other than a spouse, we will need their birth certificate and social security card
  • If you are considering electing Option C, we will need a copy of your social security estimate of earnings.
  • A voided check or direct-deposit authorization form from your bank (if you are considering direct deposit)

Until this meeting has taken place and the above documents provided, your pension application cannot proceed. If you do not have these documents, you should contact your local Social Security Administration Office, Health Department, and/or Vital Statistics Office.

If you wish to bring someone with you to this meeting, you are encouraged to do so.

After the application appointment, Pension Services will notify your department that you are retiring and will request information about your last day on payroll, including the number of unused sick days you had as of your final check. Once this information is received from your department and you have received your last check as an active employee, your pension will be calculated.

After your pension has been audited for accuracy, a Pension Specialist will contact you to schedule a final, one-on-one appointment to sign your pension paperwork and choose a pension beneficiary option; if you have relocated or are otherwise unable to physically attend this final meeting, you may request to have the paperwork mailed to you at that time (if you choose this option, please be aware that the documents must be notarized).

Note: Because your final payroll check as an active employee must be issued before your pension can be calculated and audited, you should plan for a period of 6 weeks before receiving your first pension check (the time-frame may be longer when special circumstances occur). Your final check as an active employee will include any applicable payouts, such as unused vacation time and pro-rated longevity payments, but there will be a transitional period without income, so please plan accordingly.

Contact Information

If you are seriously considering retiring from Metro Government within the next two months, please contact Metro Pension Services directly to schedule an appointment to complete your pension application:

615-862-6700, Option 2


Social Security Administration

For information regarding Metro's 457 Deferred Compensation plan, or to sign up for, make changes to, or cancel your existing 457 retirement account, please contact our Metro advisers:

Seth Crosby

Whit Gorham

Jonathan Cox

For general inquiries about the MetroMax 457, you may also call Voya's toll-free number, 800-584-6001