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Connection of Service

If you previously worked for Metro, you may be eligible to connect that prior service time. A "break in service" is when you terminate employment with Metro and return to work with Metro at a later date.

After being reemployed with Metro for one continuous year (working at least 20 or more hours per week), you may contact Metro Human Resources to determine whether your prior service is eligible to be connected. If you worked for Metro as a seasonal employee, the first four months of your employment will not be eligible for a Connection of Service. If you worked at Metro under a program such as CETA, there is a possibility that your time under that program may not be eligible for connection. If you worked part-time, you may be eligible to receive pension credit for that time - provided you worked at least 20 hours per week.

If the time being connected did not require contribution payments, your Connection of Service will be processed immediately. If you received a refund of your contributions upon termination of your prior service, or if contributions were required during your previous service but were never paid, you will need to pay the contributions (plus interest) prior to retirement.

All applicable service (for pension purposes) will be credited to you at the time of retirement and / or termination of employment. Please check the estimated service pension benefit statement that is mailed to you annually.

If you believe you may have prior service time that you wish to connect, please print and mail / fax the Connection of Service Request form back to our office as indicated or contact our Pension Services office at 615-862-6700, Option 1.

Note: Connected time is used for pension purposes only and is not considered when determining longevity, seniority, vacation accrual rates, or your continuous service date.