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Disability Pensions

As an employee of Metro Government, you are eligible to apply for a medical disability benefit once you have 10 years of credited service and are no longer able to perform your work duties.

The medical disability benefits begin once you have exhausted all sick time, vacation time, comp time, and personal days that you have. This pension benefit is 100% paid by Metro; you make no contributions to this plan. If you are eligible for a normal service pension, you may not apply for a disability pension and will be required to take a normal pension rather than a disability pension.

The medical disability pension is a separate benefit from that offered if you sustain an injury-on-duty (IOD); Read more information about Metro's IOD program.

Disability Compliance

There are certain things that disability pensioners are required to do while out on a disability pension...

Learn more about disability compliance

Return to Work Process

You should contact the Metro HR Benefits Office immediately if your treating physician releases you to return to work or changes your restrictions...

Learn more about the return to work process

Contact Information

If you would like to speak to a Benefits Representative regarding general information about the Metro Government disability pension programs, please contact:

615-862-6700, Option 1

If you feel you are unable to perform your work duties and are ready to apply for your Metro disability pension, please contact Metro Pension Services directly to schedule an appointment to complete your pension application:

615-862-6700, Option 2

Office of the Civil Service Medical Examiner

Social Security Disability