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Disability Compliance

There are certain things that disability pensioners are required to do while out on a disability pension.  When you come in to sign your pension paperwork, you will be required to review and sign a Disability Pension Agreement. 

Social Security Benefits

Social Security pays you a regular monthly benefit when you retire, become disabled, or die. Your dependents may also be eligible for Social Security benefits when you retire, become disabled, or die. You can file a disability pension application with the Social Security Administration by calling 1-800-772-1213 or by completing their online Social Security disability application form.

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Outside Allowable Earnings

Disability pensioners are allowed to earn additional income while receiving a disability pension from Metro as long as you work within your medical restrictions The amount of income you are allowed to make is based upon the salary that you are making at the time you go on disability.

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Disability Questionnaire

Disability pensioners are required to complete an annual disability questionnaire.  This questionnaire will be mailed to you each July and will ask about your current health status, your earned income, your Social Security status, and the status of your dependent child.  It is your responsibility to fully complete this questionnaire and return it to Human Resources.  If the questionnaire is not returned, you will be placed in a non-compliant status, your pension check will be suspended, and you will be responsible for paying your insurance premiums directly to Metro.  This questionnaire is not part of the re-examination process that is scheduled when the Board approves a disability pension.

Contact Information

If you are currently on a Metro disability pension and have questions or concerns about your compliance, please contact:

Metro Disability Compliance Officer

Social Security Administration

Nashville Bar Association