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Human Resources

Outside Allowable Earnings

Disability pensioners are allowed to earn additional income while receiving a disability pension from Metro as long as you work within your medical restrictions.   

The amount of income you are allowed to earn is based upon the difference between your salary at the time of your disability and the gross amount of your disability pension.  Your outside allowable earnings amount may vary each July if there is a pay plan increase or improvement.  If you earn more than you are allowed, your disability pension will be adjusted accordingly.  When you sign your disability paperwork, the amount of income you are allowed to make will be provided to you.  If you are working, you may request an updated calculation of your outside allowable earnings from Human Resources each July. 

For example, if your last salary was $35,000, and your annual pension benefit is $18,000, you are allowed to earn the difference between $35,000 and $18,000 - which is $17,000.  Over time, as your previous classification receives pay plan improvements, the salary of that position may increase to $37,000.  You would then be allowed to earn $19,000 (the difference between the increased salary of your position - $37,000 - and your annual pension benefit of $18,000).