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Disability Pension Application Process

Once you have made the decision to apply for a disability pension, you will need to either contact Pension Services directly at 615-862-6700, Option 2, or apply online via Pension Self-Service. An appointment will be scheduled for you to meet with a Pension Specialist, and you will be required to bring the following applicable documents with you:

  • Your birth certificate (or driver's license with birth date listed)
  • Your social security card (or documentation from the Social Security Administration with your SSN listed, or your DD-214 military discharge papers)
  • Your Medicare card
  • Your marriage certificate
  • Your spouse's birth certificate (or driver's license with birth date listed)
  • Your spouse's social security card (or documentation from the Social Security Administration with his/her SSN listed, or his/her DD-214 military discharge papers)
  • Your spouse's Medicare card
  • Your divorce decree or your spouse's death certificate
  • Your dependent child's birth certificate and social security card (or driver's license with date of birth and SSN listed)
  • The birth certificate, social security card, and Medicare card for each surviving beneficiary (if applicable)
  • A voided check (if you are considering direct deposit)

Until this appointment has taken place and the above documents provided, your pension application cannot proceed. If you do not have these documents, you should contact your local Social Security Administration Office, Health Department, and/or Vital Statistics Office.

If you wish to bring someone with you to this meeting, you are encouraged to do so.

At this appointment, you will be asked to complete a medical release for each health care provider you have so that your medical records may be obtained. If appropriate, portions of your records will be reported to the Board and made public.

After the application appointment, Pension Services will notify your department that you have applied for a disability pension and will request information about your last day on payroll. Once this information is received from your department and your disability pension application has been approved by the Board, your pension will be calculated.

After your pension has been audited for accuracy, a Pension Specialist will contact you to schedule a final appointment to sign your pension paperwork; if you have relocated or are otherwise unable to physically attend this final meeting, you may request to have the paperwork mailed to you at that time (if you choose this option, please be aware that the documents must be notarized).

Note: If your pension is approved by the Board, it will either be approved for a specified period of time or under a category designated "approved without stipulation of scheduled reexamination." Under the benefit system, the Board is authorized at any time to ask that you submit medical reports and undergo an examination. If the Board approves your pension for a specific length of time with a reexamination or a review to be made, you will be advised by the Office of the Civil Service Medical Examiner prior to that reexamination. You will be asked to sign a release of medical information. Failure to comply with the reexamination process will result in suspension of your pension payments until such time as you become compliant.

Contact Information

If you feel you are unable to perform your work duties and are ready to apply for a disability pension, please contact Metro Pension Services directly to schedule an appointment to complete your pension application:

615-862-6700, Option 2

Office of the Civil Service Medical Examiner

Social Security Disability