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Returning to Work from a Disability Pension

You should contact Metro Human Resources immediately at (615) 862-6700 if your treating physician releases you to return to work or changes your restrictions.  You will be asked to sign a medical release and / or to supply your medical records to the Office of the Civil Service Medical Examiner for their review.  A Return to Work form will need to be completed by the Civil Service Medical Examiner in order for the Human Resources Department to begin processing your return to work. 

Note:  At the discretion of the department, a physical examination may be required before returning to work.

If you are receiving Social Security benefits from the Social Security Administration, you will need to notify them once your condition improves and you begin the return to work process. 

If you are unable to return to your former position, Human Resources will work with you to find another position.  If you return to work with Metro earning less than you were before your disability, your pay will be supplemented to make up the difference.  You will continue to receive the supplement until your pay in the new job equals your pay prior to your disability. 

For example, if your salary was $36,000 before your disability began, and the job you were placed into upon your return paid you $30,000, Metro would supplement $6,000 towards your pay.  As your salary increases, the salary supplement is reduced; therefore, if your salary were to increase by $2,000 to $32,000, Metro's supplemental payment would drop to $4,000.