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Medicare Parts A, B, and D

Metro requires pensioners and dependents to elect Medicare Part A and Medicare Part B as soon as you first become eligible to enroll - regardless of other coverage you have or your employment status outside of Metro. Medicare Parts A and B will be offered no later than age 65, but they may be offered earlier if you have certain medical conditions. Once you receive a copy of your Medicare card, you will need to send a copy to Metro Human Resources. By having Medicare Parts A and B, your insurance premiums through Metro may be reduced.

On the date that you become eligible for both A and B, Medicare will become your primary insurance carrier, and your Metro insurance carrier will become your secondary - or supplemental - coverage. If you are eligible for Medicare B but do not elect Part B, your medical insurance through Metro will process your claims as if you did have Part B, which could result in you being responsible for 80% of all your medical bills.

Metro's insurance is specifically designed to work with Medicare Parts A and B. This coordination is the reason Metro retirees have quality medical insurance that many other retirees don't. When you need care, Medicare pays its share (doctor and hospital bills), and Metro's insurance pays its share. That's also the reason you get a big discount on your Metro insurance once Medicare kicks in. Medicare and Metro's insurance combine to give you a comparable level of coverage to what you enjoyed as an employee.

Once you retire with Metro and are age 65, Metro will automatically adjust your insurance premiums to reflect that you have Medicare (if you have dependent children on your health plan, you may not be eligible for this adjustment). Since premiums are paid one month in advance, this new, lower premium will be deducted from your pension check in the month prior to your 65th birthday; you should still send a copy of your Medicare card to Metro Human Resources, however. If your spouse (or other dependent) is also receiving or becomes eligible for Medicare Parts A and B, you must notify Metro Human Resources immediately; they may also qualify you for a further reduced premium.

While Metro does require that pensioners enroll in Medicare Parts A and B, Metro does not require that you enroll in Medicare Part D coverage. Since Metro provides pensioners with prescription drug coverage through their medical insurance, it may not be in your best interest to enroll in Medicare Part D.

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