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Medical Benefits for Pensioners

Eligible pensioners have the choice of two medical plans - BlueCross BlueShield PPO or Cigna Choice Fund. Eligible pensioners (and their dependents) with Medicare Parts A and B have a third choice with Humana.

Pensioners must notify Human Resources and provide documentation within 60 calendar days of an eligible change in status to make a change in your benefit elections - or you may not be able to make a change later. An eligible change in status includes marriage, divorce, death, change in job status or loss of coverage for you or your spouse (contact Human Resources for a complete list). During each Annual Enrollment, pensioners may change plans or drop dependents.

2018 Benefit Plan Rates

2018 Medical Plan Comparison Chart

2019 Benefit Plan Rates

2019 Medical Plan Comparison Chart

Help Me Choose a Medical Plan

Retiree Medical Premium Indexing Chart (applies only to employees hired and non-vested employees rehired on/after January 1, 2013 at eligible retirement with an early or normal service pension)

BlueCross BlueShield PPO

The BlueCross BlueShield (BCBS) PPO plan is an 80/20 coinsurance plan with copays that allow you the flexibility to select your physicians without referrals. After the annual out-of-pocket maximum has been met, you will continue to pay your copay, but your coinsurance level will be 100%. To receive the maximum benefits, you should use an in-network provider that participates in Network P. You may contact BCBS or visit their website for a list of in-network providers.

BlueCross BlueShield PPO

Phone: 800-367-7790

BCBS PPO Plan Document

BCBS Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)


Humana is a Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) only available to pensioners and their covered dependents that have Medicare Part A and B coverage. This is not a Medicare Supplement plan.

You are free to use out-of-network providers for covered services as long as the provider accepts Medicare and agrees to bill Humana. If you elect this plan, do not enroll in another Medicare Advantage plan or you will be disenrolled from Metro's plan.


Phone: 866-396-8810

CIGNA Choice Fund

The CIGNA Choice Fund is a health reimbursement arrangement where traditional medical coverage is combined with a Fund of contributions made by Metro. Pensioners without Medicare Parts A and B are eligible for the Fund. Once a pensioner is eligible to receive Medicare Parts A and B, Metro will not provide the HRA Fund (a pensioner may keep any rollover funds due the following year).

CIGNA Choice Fund

Phone 800-244-6224

CIGNA Choice Fund Plan Document

CIGNA Summary of Benefits and Coverage (SBC)