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Healthy Matters At Work

Healthy Matters At Work A program of Community  Health Charities logo

Have you or a loved one recently been diagnosed with an illness?

Do you have a parent with dementia, a child with asthma or allergies?

Are you and your family in a time of crisis and need support?

In our continuing effort and commitment to the Metro employees to provide a safe and healthy workplace, Metro Nashville has partnered with Community Health Charities to offer you a free health and wellness program called Health Matters at Work. The Health Matters at Work program provides easy access to a variety of interactive learning resources with the privacy needed when facing a personal health issue.

  • 24/7 access to virtual health tools to:
  • Access risks for developing a disease
  • Prevent the onset of a condition
  • Manage an existing condition
  • Year round communications tools to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Video podcast series, webinars and onsite speakers on relevant health topics
  • Connections to local support groups and programs

Through the program's website (link below), you will gain access to up-to-date health resources by the nation’s most reliable and trusted health charities for preventing disease and managing chronic conditions, as well as valuable tools for diet, exercise, local support groups, care giving and more.

Wellness is an active process that includes learning to make healthy choices. Wellness means more than simply not being ill; it focuses on keeping your body in good condition so it runs more efficiently. True wellness is proactive; recognize that you have mental, physical and social needs to operate at top functionality.

Visit Health Matters at Work