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Overview of Compensation and Benefits Assessment

Below is the Overview Report Draft of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Compensation and Benefits Assessment.

Overview Report Draft

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2014 Compensation and Benefit Study

In this report, Deloitte provides a high-level overview of the study methodology, along with a summary of findings about compensations levels, benefits competitiveness, and current practices.

Executive Summary Comparative Analysis of Benefits and Compensation

Late last year in preparing for the study, Deloitte met with Metro Department Heads, employees, and labor groups to identify concerns and priorities. This report summarizes those findings.

Compensation and Benefits Program Study Interview Theme Summary Report

As part of its compensation review, Deloitte reviewed salary data for a wide range of Metro jobs. Because it represented jobs in many different pay grades and pay types, this part of the study helped to determine the competitiveness of salaries of Metro’s overall, compared to other employers:

Compensation Current State Assessment

In addition to the job benchmarking Deloitte conducted a specific study of public safety positions. Because of the nature of public safety positions, they are not directly comparable to jobs in the private sector and broader markets:

Compensation and Benefits Survey FY2014

Deloitte also conducted a detailed review of Metro’s benefit programs. They assessed Metro’s benefits in comparison to private sector and public sector markets. In addition, benefits were compared with those offered other cities for public safety positions.

Comparative Analysis of Health and Welfare, Retirement, and Leave Benefits

Based on the study findings regarding pay and benefits, Deloitte recommends changes to compensation and benefit programs/practices. Several options are outlined in each area:

Salary Administration and Benefits Alternatives

In accordance with Metro Ordinance BL 2013-360 Metro’s Human Resources Department conducted a compensation and benefits study for Mayor, Vice Mayor, and Council. Per the ordinance, Human Resources utilized Deloitte to assist and supervise the study.

Compensation and Benefits Study for Mayor, Vice Mayor and Council