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Metropolitan Government Employee Emergency Support Fund (MEGEES)


While we do our good works, let us not forget that the real solution lies in a world in which charity will have become unnecessary.

– Chinua Achebe

Support your fellow Metro Government workers who face serious financial hardship due to natural disaster, serious or life threatening illness or injury, death of a family member or extreme circumstances beyond their control through a donation to the MEGEES fund.

The Fund provides short-term, emergency financial support to employees of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County who are facing financial hardship as a result of certain unforeseen and unpreventable circumstances. The Community Foundation reviews all requests, applies the fund criteria, and manages disbursement of funds with care and concern and fiscal responsibility.

Information Sheet on MEGEES

Contribute to MEGEES

Donate securely and privately online or check with your HR coordinator to find out who in your department is collecting MEGEES money today.

Contribute to the MEGEES fund

Apply for Assistance

Needing help doesn't make you weak, in fact quite the opposite. It makes you strong, smart, resourceful, and realistic. Asking for help when you know you're in over your head shows personal strength and concern for those in your care.

If you are an employee or eligible dependent who has experienced a natural disaster, life-threatening illness or injury, death or other catastrophic or extreme circumstances beyond your control in the past 60 days AND are unable to afford housing, utilities, and other basic living expenses because of this event, you may want to apply for assistance from MEGEES. Click the Download Application for Assistance button below and confirm your eligibility.

Applications to MEGEES are reviewed and approved by professional social workers who are employees at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee. Applicants' private details are not divulged to any Metro employee. At any time, you can complete the Online Application for Assistance using any digital device.

Download the Application for Assistance

Mail or fax completed and signed application with requested documentation to:

The Metropolitan Government Employee Emergency Support Fund
The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee
3833 Cleghorn Avenue, Suite 400
Nashville, TN 37215
Phone: 615-321-4939
Fax: 615-327-2746