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Employee Performance Management

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It is Metro Government’s purpose to serve the community of Nashville and Davidson County. In order to do that in the best way, we must invest in our employees, as they are the greatest assets to our success. All employees are valued and we want to see them attain a high level of performance. The performance management system was created with the purpose of maximizing performance. This system is built around the FEAD (Focus, Empowerment, Accountability, and Development) Model that seeks to:

  • help employees focus their efforts and give them direction
  • empower both employees and supervisors to play a role in managing performance
  • hold employees accountable for their performance
  • hold supervisors accountable for their role in the performance management process
  • develop employees
  • provide a record of performance

Performance management is an ongoing process, and providing employees with ongoing feedback and coaching is a best practice. This helps employees become more aware of their performance and be successful. Also, it ensures there are no surprises on the performance evaluation at the end of the year. Ongoing feedback and coaching should focus on improving current performance and future employee development. It involves the supervisor and employee working together to share information about work progress, potential barriers and problems, possible solutions to problems, and how the supervisor can help the employee. The process involves informal conversations or notes, as well as formal feedback /coaching meetings and written documentation. The process of providing timely feedback and coaching involves supervisors observing and documenting performance, providing instruction, directing employee’s efforts, providing encouragement, correcting poor performance, recognizing superior performance, listening to employee concerns, and removing barriers to performance.