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Human Resources

Resources for Supervisors and HR Representatives

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There are many resources available to Supervisors and HR Representatives. The Civil Service Rules and Policies are established for Civil Service Departments and employees. The Human Resources Manual contains the processes for various Human Resources activities and required documents along with step by step instructions for the EBS system.

Additional resources you may need through the employee work life cycle can be found in the links and documents listed below. If you have more questions and/or issues, please feel free to contact your HR Liaison (which you can find on the Human Resources Contact Us page) or contact the Central Human Resources Department at the numbers listed on the right.

We look forward to providing whatever assistance we can to make this process successful.


Contact Information

Metropolitan Government
Human Resources Department
404 James Robertson Parkway Suite 1000
Nashville, TN 37219

Phone: 615-862-6640
Fax: 615-862-6654

Employee Self Service

You now have the ability to change your address and phone number via the new self-service portal. Your HR Representative will be providing you with instruction on how you can access these features as well as printing your pay stub, changing your auto deposit information and W-4's. To learn how to manage these processes there is a training tool called UPK. To access this tool, click on the link below. The username and password are both "employee". If you have any issues, please contact your HR Representative or email.

Employee Self Service

UPK Training Guides for Employee self-service