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Community Resources for Veterans

Military Exchange: Just in time for the Holidays!

Recently Defense officials announced their intention to recognize the sacrifice of Honorably discharged Veterans by affording them the opportunity to shop the Military Exchanges online and take advantage of lifelong tax-free shopping privileges they've rightfully earned.

The first step is to check your eligibility. DON'T WAIT! Go to and submit your verification form today.

Veteran ID card: It took them long enough!

Non-retiree Veterans who live in a state that doesn't offer a Veteran identifier on their Driver License and are not eligible for VA Healthcare have no official form of Veteran identification. Previously, these Veterans took to carrying a copy of their DD214 in order to prove their veteran status, but this is not a safe practice as identity theft becomes more prevalent. Now, all Honorably discharged Veterans of all eras will be able to get a photo ID card from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) starting in November due to a law passed in 2015. Those Veterans who have already received a photo ID will still be eligible for this particular benefit as well.

Updated information on how to apply can be found at

Legal Assistance

Your discharge status determines your eligibility for VA benefits. Find out what benefits are available to you.

George Mason University (M-Vets)

The Antonin Scalia Law School has always been recognized as a safe harbor and advocate for military service members and veterans. M-Vets serves the dual purpose of helping our service members and their families as well as provide substantive legal training for their students in an environment designed to give back to the military community. The clinic can assist with a variety of issue, to include:

  • Notice of Disagreement
  • Military discharge upgrades
  • Military records corrections
  • Board of Veteran's Appeals and Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims matters

Legal Aid Society

The Legal Aid Society assists residents of Davidson county with a variety of civil legal matters.

Specialized Resources

If you are having trouble finding a particular resource, try searching the National Resource Directory or The Contributor's Where to Turn in Nashville resource guide.

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