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Federal Benefits for Veterans

Your discharge status determines your eligibility for VA benefits. Find out what benefits are available.

Disability Compensation or Pension

  • Disability Compensation
  • Direct
  • Secondary
  • Non-service Connected (NSC) Pension

Read more about Disability Compensation or Pension.

Burial Benefits

  • Burial Benefits
  • Funeral Honors
  • Burial in a VA Cemetery
  • Memorials
  • Headstones, Markers & Medallions
  • Presidential Memorial Certificates
  • Burial in a Private Cemetery

Read more about Burial Benefits.

Dependent and Survivor Benefits

  • Dependency Indemnity Compensation
  • Survivor’s Pension
  • ChampVA
  • Dependent’s Educational Assistance

Read more about Dependent and Survivor Benefits.

Healthcare Options

What is the Affordable Care Act and will I be penalized if I have VA Medical Care?

Read more about Healthcare Options.

Education and Training

  • Yellow Ribbon Program
  • Montgomery and 9/11 GI Bills

Read more about Education and Training.

Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment

5 Tracks to Employment

Read more about Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment.

Applying for Disability Compensation

What is a registry exam and should I participate in it?

Military Exposure

Read more about Applying for Disability Compensation.

Appealing a VA Decision

The VA made a decision I don't agree with!

Read more about Appealing a VA Decision.

Buying a Home

  • Guaranty
  • Certificate of Eligibility

Read more about Buying a Home.

Obtaining Records

My records were destroyed in the "Great St Louis Fire!"

Read more about Obtaining Records.