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Human Resources

Veteran Policy and Mandates

Day of Mourning

The Governor is required to proclaim a state-wide day of mourning, during which the state flag shall be flown at half-staff over the state capitol, in the event an armed services member is killed in action or dies as a direct result of injuries sustained from a serviced-connected, combat-related cause. This also includes a member of a reserve or Tennessee National Guard Unit called into active military duty and stationed outside the United States during hostilities.

Registration of Discharges

County Registrars are required to register separation document DD-214 (discharges) on behalf of the service member named in the discharge, or of the holder of such discharge. This service is to be provided free of charge.

Unclaimed Property

Abandoned military medals are held by the State Treasurer until the owner or owner's heirs or beneficiaries can be identified for the return of the medal. The Treasurer may appoint a custodian such as a veterans' organization to hold the abandoned medals. Additional and specific requirement information can be found on the Treasury's website.

License to Ship Wine

Any individual who has been stationed outside the United States while serving as a member of the Armed Forces of the United States or a member of a Reserve or Tennessee National Guard unit may apply to the commission for a one time license allowing such individual to ship any wine such individual has purchased while residing outside the United States to this state. Each individual applying for a license under this section shall pay to the commission a one-time nonrefundable fee of one hundred dollars ($100). Each individual shall also pay the appropriate taxes required pursuant to § 57-3-302.

False Representation of a Service Member

As enacted, creates Class B misdemeanor offense of a person falsely representing (conduct, dress, verbally, or in writing) that he or she was or is a member of the United States Armed Forces with the intent to deceive another into believing such representation. The law shall not apply to wearing the dress of a member of the Armed Forces if done for the following purposes; Instructional, theatrical, motion picture or entertainment, historical, ceremonial, educational or as a costume.