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Event Coverage Request

The Metro Nashville Network division of Information Technology Services is dedicated to providing Metro departments and agencies with quality visual communication products. Metro Nashville Network uses standard video production processes to ensure that it meets your expectation of quality.

Although Metro Nashville Network will do its best to cover all Metro related events, events will be scheduled based on availability of resources.

Please complete the following form to provide information about your event.

Event Coverage Request

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If the event venue has a different coordinator that the one listed above, please provide:

Event Details

Details of event: Provide as much information about this event as possible. Try to address as many of the details as possible using the following: Where is the event? What is the basic set-up being provided for the event? Will there be lights? Sound? Provided or needed? Will there be a primary speaker and/or a panel of speakers? Will there be an audience, will they be talking? Participating? Is there a presentation associated with the event?

Example 1: Our department is hosting a panel discussion in the Sonny West Conference Center. We will be using Conference room A, B, and C. We will have a presentation to accompany this. The panel will consist of 5 speakers. They will all have mics. They will answer questions from the audience. We are expecting xxx attendees. We will provide you with the slides for the presentation on mm/dd/yy. Would you edit the slides into the final program?

Example 2: Our department has a outdoor event at Centennial Park. This is an annual event to celebrate the City of Nashville. We will need a podium and speakers. There will be a Q&A session. There will be a speaker featured during the break so if you could capture that as well and edit that into the final program. If possible can you have someone that can roam through the crowd and put some of that into the program.

It is imperative that Metro Nashville Network staff be able to unload and park for the duration of your event. Please make the appropriate accommodations.

Is this program intended for public viewing...

Is this program intended for employee viewing...

If the Metro Nashville Network staff will be recording your event over the normal time for lunch, especially if this is a meeting at which lunch is provided to attendees, it would be greatly appreciated if you could arrange to add our staff to your plan for providing lunch.

Enter the code shown above in the box below

NOTE: Keep in mind that Metro Nashville Network is required to obtain release forms for individuals, minors, music or art as necessary. If you know that these will be necessary, or need more information on release forms, Metro Nashville Network will be happy to provide them and/or discuss the information or need for them.

Our Commitment

Metro Nashville Network (MNN) will strive to provide you with a confirmation within 2 work days of this request. If the event needs to be cancelled or reschedule please let MNN manager know as soon as is possible. Although MNN does not plan to cancel or change resources on an event, if MNN needs to change our obligation, the event contact will be contacted as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding this form or any information requested, please call Metro Nashville Network at (615) 862-5046 or Chris Singleton at (615) 880-1414 or email Chris Singleton