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Project Request Form

The Metro Nashville Network division of Information Technology Services is dedicated to providing Metro departments and agencies with quality visual communication products. Metro Nashville Network uses standard video production processes to ensure that it meets your expectation of quality. These processes can be viewed in summary as:

  • Pre-Production * – project or concept development, location and talent need, schedule review, scripting, create graphics
  • Production * – capture the various scenes or material required, record narration
  • Post-Production * – capture supporting footage, edit, encode for delivery, customer review, and delivery

*Authorized approval will be required for each of the three phases.

Complete the following initial information about your project. Once the project has been reviewed by our staff, an initial consultation will be scheduled.

Project Request
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Project Info

Dates Associated with Project

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Project Description: Provide a paragraph detailing an overview of the main points or ideas in the project. Please include: Target audience, message, why does audience need that message.

Example 1: Our department needs a public service announcement to help them understand what items need to be disposed of in trash as opposed to the Metro sewer system.

Example 2: Our department has a contest for design of a rain garden. We need a venue to advertise this contest. Then we would like to document the winner, the building of the garden, the educational material supporting the purpose of rain gardens in Metro.

It is imperative that Metro Nashville Network staff be able to unload and park for the duration of your event. Please make the appropriate accommodations.

Is this program intended for public viewing...

Is this program intended for employee viewing...

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Enter the code shown above in the box below

NOTE: Keep in mind that the Metro Nashville Network is required to obtain release forms for individuals, minors, music or art as necessary. If you know that these will be necessary, or need more information on release forms, Metro Nashville Network will be happy to provide them and/or discuss the information or need for them.

Our Commitment

Metro Nashville Network (MNN) will strive to provide you with a confirmation within 2 work days of this request. If the event needs to be cancelled or reschedule please let MNN manager know as soon as is possible. Although MNN does not plan to cancel or change resources on an event, if MNN needs to change our obligation, the event contact will be contacted as soon as possible.

If you have questions regarding this form or any information requested, please call Metro Nashville Network at (615) 862-5046 or Chris Singleton at (615) 880-1414 or email Chris Singleton