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Nashville Education, Community and Arts Television is the not-for-profit organization that programs three of Metro Government's four PEG (public, educational and government) television stations in Davidson County, TN. 

All four channels are provided as a condition of cable franchises. Governments are prohibited from directing the content of PEG channels other than the governmental components, thus non-profit organizations are established to facilitate channel operations. 

NECAT was formed in 2010 after the Metropolitan Government combined the existing Metropolitan Educational Access Corporation (MEAC) and Community Access Corporation (CAC). A consolidated Board of Directors was appointed to provide guidance and oversight for the network.

NECAT’s mission is to empower the Davidson County Community through access to and use of the media. With three public access television channels we provide arts, education and locally produced community access programming.

These Include:

  • Music City Arts channel 9 brings our community arts programming from classical music, ballet, local music, to independent and locally produced films.
  • iQtv 10 is Nashville’s education station and ‘Good for the Brain’! Channel 10 is the only place for ‘hyper local’ programming about issues that Davidson County residents are interested in.
  • Community Access Television 19 is where you can produce your own program and have a place to express yourself! Community Access TV gives a voice to the voiceless.
Visit the NECAT web site