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Radio Communications

The Radio Communications division operates the infrastructure and maintains the two-way radios that provide critical voice and wireless data communications in Davidson County and across the middle Tennessee area for first responders. While primarily serving public safety purposes, the 800MHz Radio System is used by every Metro department as well as Nashville Electric Service. It also serves federal, state, and other local area government agencies and offers interoperable voice communications for over 10,000 users of the system. Additionally, our conventional radio systems continue to support interoperable communications with first responders from the surrounding counties as well as state and federal agencies.

looking up radio tower from groundIn alignment with its public safety function, Radio Communications also oversees maintenance of Metro’s network of 93 tornado warning sirens, operated by the Office of Emergency Management. These sirens are strategically positioned so that emergency management officials are able to alert both urban and rural, Metro populations of a Tornado Warning anywhere in Davidson County.

The Radio Communications division’s experienced and well trained staff of technicians hold industry certifications from the Federal Communications Commission and the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials. Our staff maintains the radio system infrastructure and all fixed radio equipment for Metro’s public safety and public service agencies.

After-Hours Emergency

A Radio Communications, on-call technician is always available (24/7). In the event of an after-hours emergency, call the Office of Emergency Management 24-hour Business line at 615-862-8530 to reach the on-call technician.