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Doing IT Business With Metro

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County ("Metro") is committed to the responsible use of the information entrusted to it and to protecting the confidentiality, integrity and availability of that information. However, information security in not an absolute and Metro cannot absolutely guarantee the security of the information that it handles. Metro aspires to fully protect citizen information through the use of multiple information security controls, including technical, administrative and physical controls.

Metro requires that any external party, vendor, etc. exercises the same or greater level of due diligence with regards to the protection of Metro information, information technology assets and information processing facilities that are accessed, processed, communicated to, or managed by external parties or where external parties add products or services.

External Party Security Policy

This policy defines the rules for maintaining the security of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County’s information and information assets when accessed, processed, communicated to, managed or provided by external parties.

External Party Security Policy

Information Security Agreement Toolkit

The Information Security Agreement (ISA) is used to help maintain the security of Metro's information, information technology assets and services when external parties (vendors, providers, etc.) have access to those assets and services by identifying contractual requirements between Metro and the external party. Note: The current version of the documents below is 1.8. Please make sure you are using the current versions.

Confidentiality Agreement

The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County Confidentiality Agreement is used to protect the confidentiality of any Metro information that may be divulged to any third parties, including, but not limited to, contractors, suppliers wishing to do business with Metro and interviewees.

Metro Third Party Confidentiality Agreement

Working with the Metro Government

For more information on working with the Metro Government, whether as an employee, volunteer or vendor, please visit "Working with the Metro Government"