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Information Technology Services Strategic Plan 2020

Strategic Roadmaps - 3D Box graphical representation

Released January 2, 2019

ITS is pleased to present the ITS Strategic Roadmap for fiscal years 2020-2022. ITS provides technology services and solutions for departments and agencies of the Metropolitan Government, and the purpose of this plan is to provide our customers, and the public that they serve, a clear direction for Metro’s critical infrastructure for the coming three years. Review of this plan occurs on a biennial basis with input from ITS vendors and customers on the advances and needs that must drive our technology future. The planning done during each two-year cycle, and the insights gathered from customers during research and synthesis for the next cycle, is instrumental in guiding ITS in service to our partner Metro departments and agencies.

ITS’s strategic roadmap was first shared with the public in January 2015. At that time we presented new Vision, Mission, Values and Priorities statements, which today remain in place as our overarching principles. Since 2015, technology has advanced rapidly. To prepare for those advances and harness the opportunities they deliver, Metro convened the Connected Nashville mayoral working group with an eye toward creating a set of Metro-wide strategies to meet community and departmental goals, facilitated through the use of data and technology.

The resulting plan, Connected Nashville: A Vision of a Smarter City, formed a new baseline for ITS planning. Throughout this set of roadmaps, you will find references to Connected Nashville and Metro’s smart city initiatives. These references are represented with an icon ( Connected Nashville and Smart City references icon ), which indicates a forward look at the technologies and processes needed to support our collective efforts to make Nashville an increasingly smarter and more connected city.

In the fall of 2018, ITS staff began a comprehensive review and update of ITS’s strategic roadmaps to reflect the current environment and priorities. After multiple layers of ITS and Metro departmental feedback and review, the process was completed in December 2018. ITS’s updated roadmaps are based on drivers including mayoral priorities, Metro department and agency operational needs, industry trends, existing constraints and other factors researched during the review process. 34 separate service lines are detailed within this plan and include the unique drivers and goals identified for each service.

Strategic planning is a process of continual assessment and refinement, and ongoing input from our customers and partners is vital as we strive to continuously deliver excellent services to Metro Nashville. This strategic plan is the direct result of the departmental collaboration that drives Metro Government’s success.