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ITS Strategic Plan 2018

Strategic Roadmaps - 3D Box graphical representation

Released January 24, 2017

ITS is pleased to present the ITS Strategic Roadmap for fiscal years 2018-2020. As the provider of varied technology services for all departments and agencies of the Metropolitan Government, the purpose of this biennial plan is to provide our customers, and the public that they serve, with a clear vision and direction for Metro’s critical infrastructure for the coming three years.

ITS’s last roadmap was last updated in May of 2015, and the planning done during that cycle two years ago has since been instrumental in guiding ITS’ in service to our partner Metro departments and agencies. At that time ITS presented also a new ITS Vision, Mission, Values, and Priorities, which today remain in place as ITS’ overarching principles.

Since 2015, technology has advanced rapidly. In the fall of 2016 ITS staff began a comprehensive review and update of ITS’ strategic roadmaps to reflect the current environment and priorities. This review was completed in December 2016.

These updated roadmaps are based on drivers including mayoral priorities, Metro department and agency operational needs, industry trends, existing constraints and other factors, researched during the review process. 34 separate service lines are detailed within this plan and include the unique drivers and goals identified for each service.

As no plan is evergreen, ITS remains open to ongoing input from our customers and partners as we strive to continuously deliver excellent services to Metro Nashville.