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Workforce Development

The Nashville area has a deep and talented workforce and a total population of over 1.6 million people. Over half of those who are at least 25 years old have at least one year of college. The area’s dozens of colleges and universities have given Nashville the nickname ‘The Athens of the South.” These schools are producing a steady stream of talented individuals who want to live and work in Nashville. Nashville offers an incredibly diverse economy, an educated workforce, and, according to a Harris Interactive Poll, is one of the nation’s most popular cities!

Colleges and Universities

Giving Nashville the nickname “The Athens of the South,” are the area's 21 accredited four-year and postgraduate institutions, six community colleges, and 11 vocational and technical schools. These institutions are a fundamental part of the economy, culture, and lifestyle in Nashville.

The availability of such varied higher education choices creates an extremely well-educated base of residents. In the Nashville Metropolitan Statistical Area, 51.5 percent of adults at least 25 years old have one or more years of college education, and more than 70,000 people have graduate or professional degrees.

Nashville Universities


The Nashville Career Advancement Center works with individuals to explore career options, decide on a direction, target a career or industry, then strategize and market oneself for the job search. The Center's governing Workforce Board promotes workforce and economic development as well as youth education throughout our region. The agency is also a proud partner in six Tennessee Career Centers located in Davidson, Rutherford, Wilson and Trousdale Counties. Employers may recruit job seekers for career opportunities on-site at Tennessee Career Centers. Space is available at certain locations for employers to conduct interviews.

The Career Center offers job seekers the unique opportunity to access hiring employers through local job fairs, hiring events at the centers, employer job listings and referrals. Job seekers can gain information about local employers to better prepare for interviews and the job search process through the Recruiting Calendar.

Nashville Career Readiness Partnership

The Nashville Career Readiness Partnership is a collaborative workforce development initiative created by former Mayor Megan Barry and led out of the Nashville Career Advancement Center.

This initiative was created to ensure the citizens of Nashville have the access and skills needed to engage in Nashville's vibrant construction industry. The partnership will develop and implement strategies that match employers with skilled Davidson County employees, and provide training opportunities for residents seeking to enter the industry for the first time.

Construction Workers